Bamboo Paint 2 & 4 Litre cans - Warehouse Pick Up only

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Bamboo Cleaner - 2 Litres

Product no.: ODS-BC2L

$35.00 / Can(s)

Bamboo Protector - Clear 4 Litres

Product no.: ODS-BP4LCLEAR

$74.00 / Can(s)

Bamboo Protector - Black 2 Litres

Product no.: ODS-BP2LBLACK

$51.00 / Can(s)

Bamboo Protector - Brown 4 Litres

Product no.: ODS-BP4LBROWN

$85.00 / Can(s)

Bamboo Protector - Black 4 Litres

Product no.: ODS-BP4LBLACK

$85.00 / Can(s)

Bamboo Protector - Brown 2 Litres

Product no.: ODS-BP2LBROWN

$51.00 / Can(s)

Bamboo Protector - Clear 2 Litres

Product no.: ODS-BP2LCLEAR

$47.00 / Can(s)

Bamboo Paint 2 & 4 Litre cans - Warehouse Pick Up only

Pick up Only - due to the classification of this product it can not be shipped. Pick up from warehouse on The Central Coast

Bamboo Paint Protector & Cleaner Black Brown Natural - Rejuvenates Bamboo Panels, fencing, screens


The Bamboo cleaner has been formulated to be a powerful easy to use surface wash for bamboo and is not harmful to the environment and can be used on most surfaces.

We recommend using bamboo cleaner before applying the bamboo protector & rejuvenate. 

The bamboo cleaner will remove fungi and mould growths along with other dirt that builds up upon the surface.


Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator 

Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator has been developed and made in Australia and is the only products designed especially for treating bamboo panels. The bamboo protector and rejuvenation will help protect the bamboo in retaining the natural colour of the bamboo by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering.

Available in 2 litres and 4 litres.

Colours available Clear, bamboo brown and bamboo black


Remove all dirt, dust and loose particles and any oil from the bamboo surface. We recommend using this before applying the protector & rejuvenation.  The bamboo cleaner will not harm the bamboo, grass or plants near the cleaner being used.

Because of the variety of bamboo kinds, we recommend you always try a small test patch first to gauge compatibility and dryness of surface.

Once the bamboo surface is dry, apply a thin coat of the bamboo protector and rejuvenation by brushing or spraying a thin coat onto the bamboo. (DO NOT APPLY IF TEMPERATURE IS LESS THAN 12 DEGREES C)

Allow first coat to dry for at least 24hours 

(The rate of absorption will vary depending on the age and how much weathering the bamboo has had. It will also allow maximum absorption from bamboo) 


Before applying additional coats - try a small test patch first to check if the bamboo surface can absorb another coat. If after trying a test patch the bamboo protector and rejuvenater, is still tacky DO NOT apply another coat as the bamboo is not ready to re-coated.

CLEAN all equipment in mineral turpentine.

How much will you need

1 Litre of Bamboo Protector and rejuvenater should cover around 8-16sq/m. This will vary on the dryness of your bamboo, the species of bamboo and the age of the bamboo.

Pick up at our warehouse on The Central Coast

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