Custom Made Quote Forms - For Fixed Shade Sails

Custom Made Quote Forms - For Fixed Shade Sails

The easiest way to get a Free Custom Made Shade Sail Quote is to fill out one of the forms below or if you would like to contact The Shady Ladies via email then click this link here.

Your measurements should be taken from fixing point to fixing point, we make allowances for tension and stretch based on what you are using to tension the shade sail. We make our custom made shade sail with webbing, wire cable, and rope track.

Please do not use our pre-made shade sail installation guide to measure for a custom made shade sail.

How we would like you to take your measurements 

  • Measure your fixing points in a clockwise order (left to right) 
  • Identify your fixing points - example Fixing point A, Fixing Point B, Fixing Point, Fixing Point C 

Where should I measure from?

  • From the centre eye of your fixing point

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Please note curvature is required to give the shade sails tension 6-8% curvature is to be expected. Please note triangle shade sails with very long and very short sides may end up looking like a g-string :-) 
A string line from fixing point to fixing point will help you when you are designing your shape and size. 
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Please save your downloaded document as a pdf before emailing to us.

Email measurements, drawings, photos to [email protected]

Contact Form - Custom Made Shades

Contact The Shady Ladies - Custom Quotes - Call us on 02 4326 1813

Custom made Sun Shade Sails start at $290.00 - Waterproof from $660.00

We can manufacture shade sail with 50mm webbing, wire cable, and rope track. Custom made shade sails manufactured with webbing is generally used with smaller sized shade sails.

Wire cable is used for larger shade sail when extra tension is needed to get the shade sail taut.

Rope track can be used on one side of the shade sail, which allows the shade sail to be flush to a wall using an aluminium rope track. For more information please click here.


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