DIY Automotive Flooring and Lining: Style, Performance, and Durability for Van Conversion

Automotive flooring and lining solutions are specifically designed to enhance both the style and performance of vehicles.

These products come in two primary options: rigid and unbacked flexible, catering to the complex contours of various surfaces. They offer high-quality features that prioritize durability and low maintenance while providing a luxurious and soft finish.

Key Features:

UVR Stabilized: The flooring and lining ranges are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, ensuring they maintain their color and appearance over time.
Stain Resistance: These products are resistant to stains, making them suitable for automotive and marine applications where spills and dirt are common.
Hard-Wearing Carpets: The carpets are constructed to be durable, withstanding heavy use without fraying or developing zips.

Performer: This versatile latex-backed carpet is specifically designed for automotive and marine use. It combines a plush upper layer with a durable latex backing, providing extra rigidity. Performer's hard-wearing nature makes it ideal for both flooring and car mats.

Flex: This flexible, unbacked carpet offers a plush finish suitable for car and boat interiors. Its unique feature allows it to be stretched and molded over curved surfaces such as hoods, hulls, and car floors. Additionally, when used as lining for large areas, Flex serves as acoustic treatment, reducing sound reverberation.

Encoré II: With its soft flat pile, Encoré II is suitable for various applications, including storage spaces, shelving, and drawers in 4x4s and van conversions. It can also be used as a speaker cover and automotive lining.

Cabinliner: This soft yet durable hull liner is highly flexible, enabling easy fitting around curved spaces in boats, cars, vans, and trucks. Its static-neutral nature also makes it suitable for use as a benchtop cover.


Linerload is a heavy-duty, flat pile automotive carpet known for its flexibility. It is particularly ideal for trade vehicles, transport vans, and trucks. Available in a stylish charcoal color, Linerload ensures that the vehicle maintains an attractive appearance even under heavy usage.

In summary, automotive flooring and lining solutions provide a combination of style, performance, and durability. These products offer a range of options, from rigid to flexible, catering to the unique requirements of different surfaces. Whether for automotive or marine applications, these carpets and linings are designed to withstand wear and tear, maintain a luxurious finish, and contribute to a comfortable and visually appealing interior environment.


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DIY FLEX Mouldable lining wall carpet 2000mm

Product no.: ODS-FLEX


DIY PERFORMER Latex backed flooring carpet 2000mm

Product no.: ODS-PERFORMER

$54.00 / m