7 X 7 Wire rope Stainless Steel (semi flexible)

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Wire Rope ECON - 3.2mm (7 x 7) SEMI FLEXIBLE 316 Stainless steel - ROLL

Product no.: ODS-WE03.277ROLL


Wire Rope Pro-Rig - 3.2mm (7 x 7) Stainless steel - 100 Metre Korean Wire Semi Flexible

Product no.: ODS-W3.277-100m

$159.00 / Roll(s)

Wire Rope Pro-Rig - 3.2mm (7 x 7) Stainless steel - 305 Metre Korean Wire Semi Flexible

Product no.: ODS-WR3277-305M

$352.00 / Roll(s)

Wire Rope Pro-Rig - 3.2mm (7 x 7) Stainless steel - 50 Metre Korean Wire Semi Flexible

Product no.: ODS-W3.277-50M

$84.50 / Roll(s)

7 X 7 Wire rope  Stainless Steel (semi flexible)


7 x 7 ProRig Wire Rope 316 Grade Stainless Steel 

• Semi-flexible wire, suitable for bending i.e. around thimbles etc.
• Braided surface with a bright finish
• Ideal for use with hand swaged sleeves and thimbles


• Wire Balustrades

• Shade Structures, Shade Umbrellas, and Sails

• Architectural Rigging

• Green-walls, Cable Trellis

• General Purpose Applications

ProRig Wire Rope

ProRig wire rope is sourced from a selected Korean manufacturer to supply you with what we believe is the best wire rope available worldwide. With more than 40 years of experience manufacturing wire rope, our factory’s greatest emphasis is on material quality, surface brightness, finish, and a strong desire to make the worlds best product.

Highly skilled staff, state of the art equipment, innovation and strict quality control ensure that the highest possible quality is achieved every time. This has resulted in ProRig wire rope being tried and tested in thousands of applications around Australia for more than a decade without a single product fault or failure.

Quality Control Processes
✔ Sourced specifically from a selected Korean supplier ensuring a consistently high-quality product.
✔ All wire rope is supplied and marked with the ProRig brand name.
✔ All raw material is sourced from POSCO, one of the world's most reputable raw material suppliers.
✔ Descaling of the stainless steel rods conducted to remove any contaminants prior to production.
✔ Subjected to multiple annealing processes.
✔ Analysed for consistent shine and brightness.
✔ Passed through multiple ultrasonic baths to remove any impurities.
✔ Multiple quality control checks, laboratory analysis, testing, and final break load tests.
✔ Exceeds DIN, JIS, & AISI Standards
✔ Supplied with full mill certificates (upon request).

Product Highlights
✔ Reliable product manufactured from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel.
✔ Ultra-smooth and shiny finish for maximum corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.
✔ 1.2mm-16mm available ex-stock in 1 x 19, 7 x 7, 7 x 19 constructions. Up to 32mm available to order.
✔ 50 metre, 100 metre, 305metre, 1000 metre, & 2000 metre rolls available.
✔ Range of sizes and colours available ex-stock in PVC coated wire rope.

Mill Certificates
All ProRig wire rope is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System. All rolls can be supplied with mill certificates detailing product specification, chemical composition, tested break load, and country of manufacture (Korea).