3 Sided Shade Sail - Installation Kits

A general guide for turnbuckles below.  

6mm Turnbuckles are suitable for smaller shade sails but you can also use 8mm as well.

8mm Turnbuckles are suitable for medium shade sails over 15ms2  example 3MX5M 

10mm Turnbuckles are suitable for large shade sails over 35m2  example 5MX6M 

12mm turnbuckles suitable for extra-large custom made shade sails.

Please note: Theses accessories are of good quality, and we have breaking load information available for each item. Our large range of turnbuckles are all sold with locknuts each end, this is important as stop the thread from undoing. 

6mm Installation Kits

6mm Turnbuckles in these kits are suitable for smaller shade sails, but you can also use 8mm as well.

8mm Installation Kits

8mm Turnbuckles kits are suitable for medium-sized shade sails over 15m2  example 3 m x 5 m 

10mm Installation Kits

10mm Turnbuckle kits are suitable for larger sized shade sails over 35m2  example 5 m x 6 m