Solcor Shock Cord Fittings - Stayput Fasteners - Bunji Loop

Stayput Fasteners

Stayput Fasteners

Stayput Fasteners - Shock cord Loops, knobs, fasteners, Marquee & Lashing hooks Australian Made



Solcor Bungee Cord Fittings - Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Outdoor, Domestic uses. Made In New Zealand.

Bunji Loops

Bunji Loops

Bunji Loop - Marine / Boating, Canopies, Tonneau Covers, Ute Tray Covers - Australian Made

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Elastic Bungee Shock Cord 6mm BLACK

Product no.: ODS-SM6BLK

$1.60 / m
RRP $1.95

Bunji Loop Shock Cord Black 130mm 150mm 170mm 190mm 210mm

Product no.: ODS-SM

Starting at $3.65

New Stayput Shock Cord Loop 70mm Black

Product no.: ODS-SCORD-70B


Solcor Shock Bungee Cord Connector

Product no.: ODS-SCAC


Solcor Shock Bungee Cord Permanent Hook

Product no.: ODS-SCAH


Stayput Shock Cord Loops

Product no.: ODS-SCORD

$3.95 / unit(s)

Shock Bungee Cord Hook & Bush Carabina

Product no.: ODS-FSC6.5


Stayput Dome Hook 60mm Horizontal Black and White

Product no.: ODS-DHOOK-H

$2.95 / unit(s)

Stayput Dome Hook 60mm Saddle Black and White

Product no.: ODS-DHOOK-S

Starting at $2.95 / unit(s)

Stayput Dome Hook 60mm Vertical Black and White

Product no.: ODS-DHOOK-V

$2.95 / unit(s)

Stayput Fasteners are manufactured in AUSTRALIA from high quality UV stable Nylon Composite, Nickel Plated Brass and Stainless Steel components (with the exception of our Stainless Steel Horizontal & Vertical Fasteners). The unique design of the original 3 Stayput models (Horizontal, Vertical & Canvas to Canvas) provide a superior & reliable fastening system without the need for springs or pressure to remain securely closed. Stayput Fasteners are resistant to corrosion and will provide many years of trouble free operation, particularly in a marine environment.