VGRIP Shadegrip

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Classic Cream Commercial ShadeGrip V160 1.9m Includes Locking Strip

Product no.: ODS-VGRIPCCLS


ShadeGrip® V160 Installation Tool

Product no.: ODS-VGRIPT


BLACK Commercial ShadeGrip® V160 1.9m Length Includes Locking Strip

Product no.: ODS-VGRIPBLS


Commercial ShadeGrip® V160 1 metre Locking Strip

Product no.: ODS-VGRIPLS


VGRIP Shadegrip


  • Product  ShadeGrip® - V160 for Commercial and Domestic use 
  • Material thickness up to 1.5mm
  • Length 1900mm 
  • Colours Classic Cream, Black, Annotec Dark Grey
  • PDF Information

Please note Locking strip is sold separately by the metre

Made in Australia 

ShadeGrip was designed for woven and knitted shade cloths up to (1.5mm V16)  thickness. 

Applications include Pergolas, Patios, Gazebos, Shade houses, and Shade enclosures. It also finds use in greenhouses and other horticultural applications. It can be attached to any supporting structure whether timber, metal, or masonry.

Major advantages Technical information

  • Unlike traditional methods using nails, battens, eyelets, and ties that lack strength and can damage the fabric, Shadegrip is a continuous fastening system and is extremely strong.
  • No edge preparation required
  • Easy installation and removal of shade sail fabric
  • Drum tight professional finish
  • Does not penetrate or damage the fabric

Technical information

For a detailed technical information sheet on the installation of ShadeGrip® please click here to download the PDF file.


Q. How strong is ShadeGrip?

A. The minimum pull-out strength of ShadeGrip is 480kg. force per metre. This means it will withstand gale-force winds on shade cloth with spans of over 3.5metres

Q. Will ShadeGrip extend the life of my shade cloth?

A. ShadeGrip is a continuous fixing system that does not penetrate or damage the fabric. It eliminates tearing at the fixture points which is the main cause of failure in shade cloth installations.

Q. Can I use ShadeGrip to fix the shade cloth between my house/carport/pergola and the fence?

A. This is a very common application for ShadeGrip (see the brochure). Please ensure the fence is structurally secure.

Q. At what spacing do I need intermediate supports or battens?

A. With ShadeGrip, shade cloth can be fixed over the full width of the fabric (allowing 50mm at each edge for fixing). For clear spans of over 2 metres, it is recommended that temporary supports be used to take the weight of the fabric during installation. If it is not tight enough at first, just pull the fabric through to re-tension it a bit at a time.

Q. I live near the sea, what fasteners should I use?

A. Stainless steel screws or pop rivets are best.

Q. Can I alternate between different fabrics say, season to season?

A. Yes! ShadeGrip is ideal for this application as the fabric can be released easily without damaging it by pulling on the loose edge. Make sure you leave enough surplus to pull on.