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Get Shady with The Shady Ladies. DIY pre-made shade sails, check out our free installation guide and customer photo's to get some ideas of what is possible.

Check out our Blogs on product information, installation information, and handy tips from The Shady Ladies. 

Don't forget to check out our Free installation guide and accessories list, which makes things a lot easier when deciding what would look good in your area.

We ship worldwide custom made and pre-made for commercial and domestic use.


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Multi Camping Map -

The Ultimate Heavy-duty Camping Mat 

Allows sand and dirt to fall straight through the mat. These Heavy-duty camping mats come in a great range of sizes to suit all areas.

Cgear Multimat Camping Mat is lightweight and easy to set up and pack away. Made with reinforced edges and having multi D-rings, the multi mat is durable and won't tear or fray, even if cut, due to rip-stop technology. The Mulitmat camping mat is dual-layered - green on one side and grey on the other side. Reversible sides for use. Each Multimat also comes with its own drawstring carry bag.


  • Sand and dirt fall readily through the mat
  • Perfect for use under camping furniture
  • UV stabilisers minimise degradation of mats for exposure to the sun
  • Non-absorbent and will not rot or mould
  • Liquid spills (drinks etc) go through the camping mat
  • The camping mat is Easy to wipe clean or hose
  • Environmentally friendly on the grass underneath
  • It May also be used for shade or a windbreak
  • Mulitmat camping mats are made of  recyclable material 

Sizes available 


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Datum Line - How to measure your fixing point heights - Custom Made Shade Sails

How to measure your fixing point heights for custom-made shade sails

Create a Datum line for sloped or uneven land. You can simply use a string line to create a point of reference for your fixing point variations.

This will help achieve accurately fixing point dimensions for your custom-made shade sail.

Any height above the Datum line is labeled + and any height below the Datum line is labeled -.

This information is entered in our shade sail custom-made order forms in Box C.


All our custom-made shade sails are made in Australia with quality materials.









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Custom Made Shade Sails with Rope Track

Read entire post: Custom Made Shade Sails with Rope Track

Planning to install a custom made shade sail?

Using a Rope track along one edge gets one side of your shade sail flush with a wall, which works well in some areas.




How does it work?

Aluminium flange rope track can be purchased in the double or single flange, in the milled finish, pearl white or black.  The Shady Ladies have lengths of up to 6 metre in our warehouse on The Central Coast of NSW.  We can ship worldwide, but we cut the length to 1 metre to ship.


On each side of the shade sail with the rope kedar sewn into it is a loop. It is recommended to use this as a tie of point to an eyebolt or pad eye so you can pull the shade sail taut. An allowance of 10mm is recommended from the loop to the tie-off points.

An allowance of 100mm is recommended to slide your shade sail into the aluminium rope track.

If you would like a quote please fill out a form on our custom made shade sail page. 

Please like this post if it has been helpful.

Thanks, from The Shady Ladies



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Bamboo Paint - Protector Rejunvenate and Clean

Read entire post: Bamboo Paint - Protector Rejunvenate and Clean

Bamboo Paint Protector & Cleaner Black Brown Natural - Rejuvenates Bamboo Panels, fencing, screens


The Bamboo cleaner has been formulated to be a powerful easy to use surface wash for bamboo and is not harmful to the environment and can be used on most surfaces.

We recommend using bamboo cleaner before applying the bamboo protector & rejuvenate. 

The bamboo cleaner will remove fungi and mould growths along with other dirt that builds up upon the surface.


Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator 

Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenator has been developed and made in Australia and is the only products designed especially for treating bamboo panels. The bamboo protector and rejuvenation will help protect the bamboo in retaining the natural colour of the bamboo by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering.

Available in 2 litres and 4 litres.

Colours available Clear, bamboo brown and bamboo black


Remove all dirt, dust and lose particles and any oil from the bamboo surface. We recommend using this before applying the protector & rejuvenation.  The bamboo cleaner will not harm the bamboo, grass or plants near the cleaner being used.

Because of the variety of bamboo kinds, we recommend you always try a small test patch first to gauge the compatibility and dryness of the surface.

Once the bamboo surface is dry, apply a thin coat of the bamboo protector and rejuvenation by brushing or spraying a thin coat onto the bamboo. (DO NOT APPLY IF TEMPERATURE IS LESS THAN 12 DEGREES C)

Allow first coat to dry for at least 24hours 

(The rate of absorption will vary depending on the age and how much weathering the bamboo has had. It will also allow maximum absorption from bamboo) 


Before applying additional coats - try a small test patch first to check if the bamboo surface can absorb another coat. If after trying a test patch the bamboo protector and rejuvenater, is still tacky DO NOT apply another coat as the bamboo is not ready to re-coated.

CLEAN all equipment in mineral turpentine.

How much will you need

1 Litre of Bamboo Protector and rejuvenator should cover around 8-16sq/m. This will vary on the dryness of your bamboo, the species of bamboo and the age of the bamboo.

Pick up at our warehouse on The Central Coast

The Outdoor Shop Australia

2/165 Blackwall Road Woy Woy 2256 Monday to Friday 9 am until 3.00 pm or please contact us to arrange a time.



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Our Shady Lady Pre-Made Shade Sails Manufacturing and Design

Read entire post: Our Shady Lady Pre-Made Shade Sails Manufacturing and Design

All our fabrics are manufactured on German machines designed by Karl Mayer. These machines ensure that the shade sail cloth produced is of the best quality possible.

Karl Meyer machines give the cloth a tighter and flatter knit diminishing defects that you may get with cheaper and less quality shade sails.

280g/m2 Shade sailcloth

We make all our Shade sail from 280 g/m2 / gsm Shade sailcloth. g/m2 is the weight per square meter of the shade sailcloth.

With a lot more thread in the cloth than the 185 g/m2  which is considered lightweight. The 280 g/m2 not only looks better but keeps its shape when under Australian weather conditions.  

Typically the higher the GSM, the heavier and higher the UV blockage the cloth gives and would block out a much greater amount of UV radiation.

Our Shady Lady Range of Ready-Made Shade Sails is designed in Australia by The Shady Ladies. Super strong corners, thread, and sewing. We have them manufactured similar to our custom made shades sails, which are made in Australia. The Shady Lady Range comes in three colours, sand, grey (gunmetal grey), and black. Available in Rectangle, Square, Right Angle Triangle and Triangle in a huge range of sizes. 


Our Ready-Made Shade sails are in-stock and ready to buy now and they are ship within 1 business day worldwide.



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Quick-Fit Hydraulically Swaged - Easiest Balustrade system on the Market

Read entire post: Quick-Fit Hydraulically Swaged - Easiest Balustrade system on the Market

The Quick-Fit System is the quickest balustrade system on the market. Hydraulically pre-swaged to your requirements, saving you time and labor costs. This is perfect for DIY home users as well as our Builders and Handymen.

All you need to do it follow the easy Quick-Fit Balustrade Instruction Sheet 

Our quality assurance. We stand by the ProRig Brand as being the Highest-Quality of stainless steel on the market. 

  • The most professional and streamline wire balustrade system on the market
  • Limited components giving it a streamlined look
  • Quick and simple installation and one-man job (no experience required)
  • Designed for installation on timber posts or Metal fixings are also available
  • Made from high-quality 316 marine grade stainless steel Prorig design
  • Ideal for use with ultra-bright 3.2mm 1x19 ProRig High-Quality 316 grade stainless steel wire rope
  • Factory hydraulic swaging required 
  • The_Shade_Sail_Shop_Quick_Fit_Timber_System2_2

All components are expertly manufactured from high-quality materials for an extremely durable and exceptional looking finish to your wire balustrade.


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Regulations for Pool Fencing and Shade Sail Posts

Read entire post: Regulations for Pool Fencing and Shade Sail Posts

Yes, there are regulations that are Australian standards but please also check with your local state for there regulations.

Australian Standard Regulations  AS 1926.1- 2012 stipulates that a fence must have a Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ) of 900mm on the outside of the pool fence all the way around. Note: Trim trees or shrubs near the pool fence and other objects such as BBQ, pot plants, toys, ladders, and chairs should not encroach within the NCZ area.

Minimum height for shade sails posts 2200mm Maximum height for shade sail posts 3200mm 




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Using Shade Sail over windows, walls or as privacy screens

We sell a lot of our Shady Lady Shade Sails to customers who use them as privacy screens or to block out direct sunlight over windows, walls, and doors. Shade sails reduce heat and provide shade and our shade sails are an inexpensive way to provide shade and privacy. We have a large range of sizes so check out our website and you will surely find something to suit in our pre-made range. Please check out our customer photo's to get some ideas.


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Dualshade 350 Architectural Shade Fabric - Gale Pacific

Looking good! 
New into the market 2019, DualShade 350 Architectural shade fabric. Made by Gale Pacific
Designed with complementary colours each side. This fabric will look fantastic over playgrounds and pool areas, with a variety of brighter colours to choose from.

Maximum durability and superior dimensional stability are achieved through our proprietary knit pattern, and DualShade 350 is backed by a full 10-year warranty against UV degradation.
Please contact us for further information, free quotes on replacement or insurance jobs

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Monotec 370 Series 100% Australian Made - Custom Made Shade

Read entire post: Monotec 370 Series 100% Australian Made - Custom Made Shade

100% Australian Made Monotec 370 Series Shade Sail Fabric
Custom Made Shade Sails - The only Shade-cloth to be manufactured in Australia

Monotec 370 Shade Cloth Series Designer collection - They have a great range of vibrant colours, pictured below is the colour  Mellow Yellow. 

The only shade-cloth manufactured using 100% round monofilament HDPE yarn, with a higher strength to weight ratio, round monofilament yarn is stronger than tape or oval yarns.

The only shade-cloth with a 15-year manufacturer’s Warranty
The only shade-cloth that will retain its permanent shape and design
The strongest shade cloth available today, due to their smooth surface, round monofilament yarns are more resistant to dirt and debris build-up.

More information can be found on our website about custom made and pre-made Shade Sails. 

Please give this post a like and contact The Shady Ladies if you have any questions.

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