Studcoat Paint

Studcoat Paint

Stud Coat Matt Black Timber Paint & Stud Coat Cattle Rail Paint

  • Matt Finish
  • Use for Inside and Out Applications
  • Waterbased 
  • Apply Brush Roll or Spray
  • 200-litre drums available 

Coverage is approximately 10-12 square meters per litre

Recoating time 1 to 4 hours depending on weather conditions

Available 10lt, 20lt, 200lt.

Stud Coat Cattle Rail Fencing Paint

Designed for cattle rails, posts, galvanized frames, and fencing.

  • Low Sheen
  • Use for Inside and Out Applications
  • Waterbased 
  • Apply Brush Roll or Spray
  • 200 litre drums available 


Have I got enough?

Because of the good even consistency, (and because it doesn't drip readily), you should get 10-12 square metre/litre depending on the surface you are painting.

What can I paint with it?

Just about anything really. If you use a good quality undercoat, you will get a superb finish on timber, plasterboard, fibro, masonry, and treated metal. Long-lasting, low maintenance finished for bedrooms, lounge & Family rooms, and exterior walls.

What do I have to put it on with?

The smooth, even consistency means that you can apply it easily with either brush, roller or spray and best of all because the paint is waterbased your equipment cleans up easily with water.

What else do I need to know?

1. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and free from loose material like old paint, dust, oil, etc. And make sure you can use an undercoat when needed.

2. If you are going to spray, you will need to thin the paint out with WATER depending on the spray unit you are using

3. Do not paint if the temperature is less than 12 degrees. 

4. We recommended using gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, breathing apparatus, protective footwear, and have adequate ventilation.

5. Dispose of unwanted paint and cans correctly by checking with local authorities in your area.