Rope Track - Aluminium

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Rope Track - Black Double Flange - priced per metre 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTDFBLACK

$10.00 / m

Rope Track - White Double Flange - priced per metre 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTDFWHITE

$10.00 / m

Rope Track - Mill Double Flange - priced per metre 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTDFMILL

$10.00 / m

Rope Track - Single Flange - SATIN BLACK - 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTSFBLACK

$10.00 / m

Rope Track - Single Flange - PEARL WHITE - 90°


$10.00 / m

Rope Track - Single Flange - Mill Finish - 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTSFMILL

$10.00 / m

Rope Track - Aluminium

Shipping information - Our standard shipping price is for rope track cut into 1-metre length only.- Yes we can ship lengths over 1-metre lengths but not with our usually shipping company. 

 Please send us a message with your Suburb & Post-Code so we can quote you accurately.  

 Aluminium Rope Track available in -

  •  Single Flange rope track 90 degree
  • Double Flange rope track 90 degree
  • Satin Black
  • Pearl White
  • Milled finish 


Rope track for custom-made Shade Sails & Caravan Awnings colours available black, pearl, and mill finish or custom colour bond colours can be ordered.

Ketar is sewn along one side of the custom-made shade sail. An aluminum rope track can be fixed to a flat surface of your area and the shade sail slides into the track. It creates a really stylish look and makes your shade sail flush with the wall and can be also be used in a hyper-design

Allow 100mm to slide your shade sail into the rope track - can be done from one side. 

Allow 10mm from the rope track to a fixing tie-off point.

We stock single and double flange aluminum rope track, we are only able to ship this in 1m lengths or if you are on The Central Coast you are welcome to pick it up from our warehouse. Full lengths are 6m or 6.5m. 

With all custom made shade sail the fixing points and aluminum rope track needs to be installed first, so we can accurately make your custom made shade sail.