Manufacturing information

Manufacturing information

All our fabrics are manufactured on German machines designed by Karl Mayer. These machines ensure that the shade sail cloth produced is of the best quality possible.

Karly Meyer machines give the cloth a tighter and flatter knit diminishing defects that you may get with cheaper and less quality shade sails.


280g/m2 Shade sailcloth

We make all our Shade sail from 280 g/m2 / gsm Shade sailcloth. g/m2 is the weight of per square meter of the shade sailcloth.

With a lot more thread in the cloth than the 185 g/m2  which is considered lightweight. The 280 g/m2 not only looks better but keeps its shape when under Australian weather conditions.  

Typically the higher the GSM, the heavier and higher the UV blockage the cloth gives and would block out a much greater amount of UV radiation.


Quality Super strong corners super-strong thread designed in Australia by The Shady Ladies. Ready Made Shade sails ready to buy now and ship within 1 business day worldwide.