10mm Turnbuckles

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Turnbuckle 10mm Eye Eye stainless steel (Econ Range)

Product no.: ODS-EE10ECON


Turnbuckle 10mm Hook Eye stainless steel (Econ Range)

Product no.: ODS-HE10ECON


Turnbuckle 10mm Hook Hook stainless steel 316 (Economy)

Product no.: ODS-HH10ECON


New Turnbuckle Rigging Screw Jaw/Jaw 10mm Stainless steel 316 (Matte Finish)

Product no.: ODS-RSJJ10ECON


A general guide for turnbuckles below.  

6mm Turnbuckles are suitable for smaller shade sails but you can also use 8mm as well.

8mm Turnbuckles are suitable for medium shade sails over 15ms2  example 3MX5M 

10mm Turnbuckles are suitable for large shade sails over 35m2  example 5MX6M 

12mm turnbuckles suitable for extra large custom made shade sails.

Variety of Turnbuckles - Rigging screw, Eye-Eye, Hook-Eye, Hook-Hook available in our economy range or Electropolished finish.



View our full range of accessories and sizes here and check out our installation guide if you need help with how to install your shade sail.