Grapnel Anchors

Popular with fishermen, a Grapnel anchor is generally used for small boats such as Kayaks, Dinghies, Canoes, etc. Its holding power comes from being able to hook onto another object such as reefs or rocky areas. The Grapnel anchor is easy to stow as folds up compact.

Self Align Bruce Anchor / Claw Anchor 

Know for its ease of use, the Bruce Anchor / Claw Anchor lodges well and stays put even when the pull direction may change, comes loose easily when you give it a vertical pull. Great anchor to use in mud bottoms.\

Danforth Anchors - Sand Anchors

This Danforth Anchor or Sand Anchor holds very well in the sand bottom and is also suitable for mud, with its two flukes. Great to use when you are fishing and have to drop and haul it frequently.   Its does not adapt well to change in wind and weather conditions so may not be the ideal anchor for overnights stays.

Plough Anchors

The plough anchor lodges in the bed like a plough and holds well amongst the weeds. It remains buried if the current or wind may change, making it a good choice.  Plough anchors are suitable for larger heavier boats in sand or mud, but the anchor can get caught on reefs or rocks.

The above a recommendation only please check the size of anchor you need with the size of your boat.

Please note if this item is not in stock at our warehouse on The Central Coast, this item may be shipped from another warehouse.

  • Sand Anchors - Danforth Anchors
  • Plough Anchors
  • Self Align Anchors - Bruce Anchors
  • Folding Grapnel Anchor
  • Slip Ring Anchor
  • Bottom Anchor

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