Drinking Hoses

Drinking Hoses

This high-quality, portable drinking water hose designed specifically for use in caravans, marine boating environments, and commercial applications, emphasizing both durability and user-friendliness.


This flat drinking hose is distinguished by several key features -

  • Scratch-Resistant Polyester Jacket:

    • Highly abrasion-resistant, withstanding 20 minutes of scratching against concrete without damage.
    • The construction materials and design ensure a long product life, providing value over time through sustained performance and reduced need for replacements.
  • Polyurethane (PU) Lining:
    • Ensures the water remains uncontaminated, which is crucial for hoses used to transport drinking water.
  • Antimicrobial:
    • preventing mould and mildew, no need to dry before packing.
  • Exceptional Pressure Performance:

    • Working pressure of 1400 kPa, over three times the mains pressure.
    • Burst pressure of 5000 kPa for unparalleled reliability.
  • Optimal Water Flow:

    • 19mm diameter ensures excellent water flow.
    • Volume within the drinking water hose prevents kinking, maintaining rigidity during use.
  • Certified Taste-Free Liner:

    • AS4020 certified, ensuring the hose is safe for potable water and free from taste and taint.
    • Unique in the Australian market with this level of certification for potable safety.
  • Industrial Strength with Safety in Mind:

    • Combines a fire hose weave for durability with a council hose liner for portable water safety.
  • Compatible and Durable Brass Fittings:

    • Standard 12mm end fittings for easy connection to snap fitting attachments from other brands.
  • Convenient Multi-Reel Storage:

    • Easy to unspool and set up with the Multi-Reel system.
    • Rewinding expels remaining water for drip-free, compact storage.
    • The reel's design facilitates space-saving storage and ensures a user-friendly experience by allowing for simple unspooling and rewinding. This feature is particularly beneficial for mobile applications like caravans and boats, where space is at a premium.