Floor & Garage Paint - Pick up Only

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Showroom & Garage Floor Paint - Grey Tone 10 Litre

Product no.: ODS-SGGT

$195.00 / Can(s)

Showroom & Garage Floor Paint - Charcoal 10 Litre

Product no.: ODS-SGC

$195.00 / Can(s)

Outdoor Paving Paint Crystal Paints Charcoal 10 Litre


$215.00 / Can(s)

Floor & Garage Paint - Pick up Only

Crystal Paints 10 Litre (Grey Tone) In Stock at our warehouse at unit 2/165 Blackwall Road Woy Woy on The Central Coast of NSW

Great for Garage Floors, Showroom Floors, Workshops 

A tough polyurethane semi-gloss finish which repels water and oils, the paint is solvent-based.

Suitable for interior concrete and timber surface as garages, showroom, workshops, etc

Easy applications by brush, roller, or spray - (if spraying follow with roller)

You can recoat or walk on after 2-4 hours depending on weather conditions.

New Concrete should be left to cure for 2-3 months before painting. Surfaces should be dry, dirt and dust-free, grease, oils, polishes, and flaking paint removed. Concrete should be acid etched with Hydrochloric Acid and high pressure cleaned. Safety Requirements - Please use a mask, goggles, gloves, and footwear when using Hydrochloric Acid 

Pre-painted surfaces before relocating try a small patch first to check compatibility with the existing surface.  

Bare timber will require priming or undercoating. 

Coverage is 6-10 square meters per litre depending on the surface or if recoating.

Washer up in mineral turpentine. For steep and very smooth surfaces anti-slip or fine sand should be sprinkled on between coasts. Make sure you stir the paint well and check for settling on the bottom of the can before painting.

What else do I need to know?

1. If you are going to spray, you might need to thin the paint out with mineral turpentine, depending on the spray unit.

2. Do not paint if the temperature is less than 12°c

3. Safety Instructions - We recommend you use gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, breathing apparatus, protective footwear and have adequate ventilation.

 All of Crystal Paints, paint is made in Australia and is 100% Australian owned.