Pulley Blocks

Pulley Blocks, Steel Sheave, Best quality Marine Boating Accessories.

  • Stainless Steel 304 & 316 Stainless steel.
  • Pulley Blocks with removable or fixed pins.
  • Nylon sheave
  • Assembly block sheet
  • Finishes -  Machine polished, Matte finish

Machine Vibratory Polish - This polishing involves placing the stainless steel fittings in a vibratory polishing machine with a polishing compound and ceramic stones, the fittings are then washed off. This give the stainless steel a smooth and shiny finish with excellent corrosion resistance. 

Matte Finish - Also a type of machine polish, matte finish uses rollers to give the fitting more of a satin grain finish. This type of finish is used for durability, low maintenance and overall aesthetically appealing look. 

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25mm Pulley Block with Bracket & Removable Pin 316 Grade Stainless

Product no.: ODS-PBBR25

Starting at $4.99

25mm Pulley Block with Removable Pin

Product no.: ODS-PBR25

Starting at $3.49

25mm Double Pulley Block Fixed

Product no.: ODS-DPBF25

Starting at $6.99

25mm Pulley Block Fixed

Product no.: ODS-PBF25