1x19 ProRig Wire Rope 305m Roll

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Pro Rig 3.2mm 1X19 Non Flexible Wire (305M Roll ) 316 Stainless Korean Made

Product no.: ODS-W03.2119305M

$469.00 / Roll(s)

1x19 ProRig Wire Rope 305m Roll

1 x 19 Wire Rope Non-Flexible - Roll 305M or 100M

ProRig Wire Rope

ProRig wire cable rope is sourced from a selected Korean manufacturer to supply you with the best wire rope available worldwide. With more than 40 years of experience manufacturing wire rope, our factory’s greatest emphasis is on material quality, surface brightness, finish, and a strong desire to make the world's best product. Highly skilled staff, state-of-the-art equipment, innovation, and strict quality control ensure that the highest possible quality is achieved every time. This has resulted in ProRig wire cable rope being tried and tested in thousands of applications around Australia for more than a decade without a single product fault or failure.

Econ products are made from quality marine-grade stainless steel and have been sourced from reputable and experienced manufacturers. The Econ range has not been subject to the stringent quality control procedures and extra polishing processes that are applied to the ProRig Range. You can noticeably see and feel the difference between these ranges and we always recommend our ProRig range we also understand price may the deciding factor for you or your customer, so we offer this range also. 

Supplied with full milled certificates on request


The Shady Ladies will always recommend the ProRig range, as you can not compare the quality of these products and they will always stand the test of time against other products. If you are working on a budget, we also have our High-Quality Economy Range available.  The Economy Range continues to offer high-breaking loads but is not subjected to stringent quality control procedures and extra polishing processes that are applied to the ProRig and ProRail products.  

Hydraulic Swaging Services - We offer hydraulically swaging to your requirements Quote Form

DIY Swaging - using the Hydraulic Hand Swage Tool or the Hydraulic Swage Press. Factory Hydraulic Swaging takes around 2-3 working down plus a couple of days delivery depending on where you are located. 

If you would like a quote for swaging please send us your details. We are happy to quote on all orders so please send them through. Fill out the quote form or text details to 0401844741