4 Sided Shade Sail - Installation Kits

A general guide for which installation kit you will need to install your accessories. 


Size 6mm Turnbuckles are suitable for smaller shade sails but you can also use 8mm as well.

Size 8mm Turnbuckles are suitable for medium shade sails over 15ms2  example 3MX5M 

Size 10mm Turnbuckles are suitable for large shade sails over 35m2  example 5MX6M 

Size 12mm turnbuckles suitable for extra large custom-made shade sails.


Why Buy from The Shady Ladies?

  • Our accessories are cheaper than Bunnings - You will Save Money $$$$$
  • Our accessories have breaking loads - This insures your accessories are able to take loads
  • All our turnbuckles have locking nuts - Will not twist open
  • All our Stainless is new, not recycled
  • Get all you need in one purchase!

6mm Installation Kits - 4 fixing points

6mm Turnbuckles in these kits are suitable for smaller shade sails, but you can also use 8mm  - 4 sided kits

8mm Installation Kits

8mm Turnbuckles are suitable for medium-sized shade sails over 15m2  example 3MX5M - 4 Sided Shade Sail kits

10mm Installation Kits

10mm Turnbuckles are suitable for large-sized shade sails over 35m2  example 5MX6M - 4 Sided Shade Sails