PVC Waterproof Panel

PVC Waterproof Panel

Heavy Duty Robust PVC Panels - Tarpaulin

  • Our tarps are highly durable and 100% waterproof and will provide the required shelter for your belongings that need covering and protection.

  • Be it camping, your leaking roof, your farms, sports grounds, transporting goods, etc.; our 610gsm  tarpaulins can cover it all. The premium-quality tarps can withstand any type of inclement weather and are strongly resistant to the sun, they will not let UV rays filter through and damage your 

  • We​ make tarps of various sizes, shapes and colours. Choose from our pre-made size or get in touch with The Shady Ladies with your measurements. 

Strongly resistant to the sun, they will not let UV rays filter through and damage your belongings.

  • Sturdy and strong
  • Heavy Duty 610gsm/18oz per sqm
  • tear-resistant tarps 
  • 100% waterproof
  • UV resistant material
  • Rust-Proof Brass eyelets

Robust to prevent any damage caused by any accidental impact, our patio tarps are abrasion and tear-proof. 100% waterproof, and no moisture in any form can seep in through them. Your possessions will remain dry, clean from dirt, and saf

The specially coated fabric does not scratch or tear while covering or in rough use. The tough tarp fabric can ward off strong winds and keep your belongings safe. Cold weather snow can make the covers stiff, and they can crack while folding but not our tarps. They will stay flexible and strong.