Hooks & Slides

Hooks & Slides

The Stayput® Marquee Hook – M8 provides a robust and secure method of fixing to your fabric using a large 22mm backing screw with an M8 thread and a #2 Phillips head drive. The result is a strong hook which will grip tightly into your fabric without the need for an eyelet. A 6mm Stayput® Spin Cut Tool is ideal for making a neat hole in the fabric through which the hook is attached. Having a screw type backing also means it is easy to both fit and remove. This hook will fit securely over various diameter ropes, wire and rod up to 8mm diameter. Available in White or Black.

The Stayput® Nylon Hook is designed to be installed into fabric using a #4 eyelet. While this hook can be used in many different applications the shape of the hook was originally designed to be inserted through a second #4 eyelet. This hook is also available in Black and White.

The Stayput® Lashing Hook combines several key features which set it apart from others on the market. The hook has a smooth rounded surface with no sharp edges to cut into the rope or elastic cord while the narrower opening at the tip of the hook will retain the rope or cord in place if it becomes slack which is particularly useful when using rope. The hook is best fixed using 8g countersunk screws and is available in Black and White.

The Stayput® Rope Track Slide has been designed to slide freely within a standard aluminium rope track. It is very easily installed in fabric through a 6mm hole with no special tools required and has no moving parts to cause problems. The ball which slides in the track allows the fitting to rotate and the fabric to concertina, providing easy opening of any curtain or wall suspended from the track.

The Rope Track Slide brings to the market a simple and cost effective method of installing a curtain system in a variety of applications. Available in Black and White


The standard Stayput® Marquee Hook is designed to hang marquee/tent walls from a rope or wire. It is simply fixed directly to the fabric using a 14mm backing plug which is tapped into place and does not require the use of an eyelet or any special tools. Available in White and Black.