Shock Cord Loops

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New Stayput Shock Cord Loop 70mm Black

Product no.: ODS-SCORD-70B


Stayput Shock Cord Loops

Product no.: ODS-SCORD

$3.95 / unit(s)

Shock Cord Loops

Stayput Shock Cord Loop 

Loop Lengths are measured using the miniiumum distance between themounting hole in the fabric to the cdentre of the knob mounting hole.

The Stayput Shock Cord Loop is available in 5 different length loops, 70, 80, 90, 100 & 110mm in black or white. The unique design has several key benefits:

  • Simple installation in varying thicknesses of fabric without the need for any special tools.
  • A greater contact area with the fabric reduces the risk of tearing out and damaging the fabric.
  • Brass machine pressed crimps on the cord will not rust or pull off.
  • Quality moulding in Australia of nylon components with attractive matt finish. 
  • Suitable for various thicknesses of fabric up to 2.7mm 
  • The fitting can be removed & re-fitted with a new cord without damage to the fabric, making the Stayput Loop the best and most versatile on the market..

The Unique design utilises only a small (5mm) hole in the fabric. The hole can be neatly cuts using a 5mm stayput spin cut toll. A large contact area with the fabric via 22mm backing plug provides superior holding power and ensurees outstanding performance. 

Simple to install - No special tools are required for installation, a gentle tap with a hammer will work. However inserts to fit Press n Snap Tools are also availabe to allow easy installation on site. 

Perfect solution for replacing broken loops on factory fitted tonneaus and aftermarket covers fitted with poor quality loops. In most applications no part of the backing plug will touch the vehicle body or boat hull minimising the chance of scratching. 

5 standard lengths available 70, 80, 90, 100 & 110mm and 150, 200, 250 & 350mm lengths available in black only