Fasteners - T locks

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Stayput Horizontal Vertical Fastener Nylon Boating Caravan Car Building Fabric

Product no.: ODS-SPT

Starting at $1.80 / unit(s)

T-Toggle Fastener Horizontal single stainless steel SP4 eyelets

Product no.: ODS-SPSSHS


Fasteners - T locks

The original Stayput® Fastener models have been a part of the industrial fabric industry since the 1960’s. Their popularity and success can be attributed to a clever, yet simple design. With no parts to corrode or jamb they are a strong, effective & reliable fastening solution that has been proven over decades of service in our harsh Australian environment. Originally designed and perfectly suited to marine use, they are now seen in many and varied applications worldwide.

The Stayput® Horizontal and Vertical models are for fixing fabric to a rigid structure such as a boat, building or vehicle. They are both available as a single or double to accept either one or two #4 eyelets or grommets with a 9.5mm inside diameter. They are best secured using a 6g countersink screw or a 3mm (1/8”) pop rivet. Available in Natural and Black. Also available in stainless steel.

Made in Australia

Stayput fasteners for eyelets