Shade Sail Installation Guide



Before you purchase your shade sail please see our shade sail installation guide.

We will show you how our pre-made sails are measured, which will help you to avoid purchasing the wrong size.  You will also find a list of shade sail fixing accessories for installation which are at great prices and shipped free with any shade sail purchase.


The_Shade_Sail_Shop_Shade_Sails_Installation_Guide_v3.pdf  Please note this installation guide is only for the installation of pre-made shade sails.


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Other resources 

If you are looking to purchase poles you contact your local steel fabricator or hardware store. Please let them know the size of your shade sails so they can advise on suitable poles. 

While we have a collection of images of installed shade sail that have been sent it by our customers, you can also find a wide range of shade sail photo's on the internet which may show other alternatives to installation.

Installation video's -  while we don't have installation video's of our own you will find many on youtube

Shade Sail Installation Guide