Custom PVC Waterproof Panels - Tarps

We are putting together a range of pre-made sizes you can choose from or send us a message with the sizing you are after.


Choices of Material

*Heavy Duty 405gsm PVC coated polyester 1000 Denier, 15mil thickness. Great for moderate weather, boat covers, furniture covers 

*Extra Heavy duty 610 gsm PVC Coated Polyester 18oz 1000 denier, 18 mil thickness. High durability, tear and abrasion resistant.

*Clear Vinyl PVC  Great for Moderate weather 

Choose from our pre-made sizes or we can custom make a size for you. Enquire now

  • 100% Waterproof & UV resistant material
  • Heavy duty, tear & abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Tear resistant
  • Rust-proof grommets

Tarp Canvas - 575 gsm, 28 mil thickmess, poly-cotton canvas - Weather resistant, wax treated canvas (Not 100% waterproof)

Sturdy and strong, these tear resistant tarps are 100% waterproof, and no moisture in any form can seep in through them. Your possessions will remain dry, clean from dirt, and safe. Our tarps will provide the required shelter to your belongings that need covering and protection.

Be it camping, your leaking roof, your farms, sports grounds, transporting goods, etc. The premium-quality tarps can withstand any type of inclement weather. 

All our UV resistant tarps are created of highly durable and resilient fabrics. Strongly resistant to the sun, they will not let UV rays filter through and damage your belongings.

Rust-proof grommets, made of brass, are added at every corner and after every 24” on all four sides. They reinforce the eyelets, and the rope or cord passes through them smoothly without putting pressure on the UV resistant tarps