Vinyl Curtains

Vinyl Curtains

Discover the Pleasure of Outdoor Living with Clear Vinyl Curtains - Enhance Your Space's Appeal and Safety for Commercial and home use.



Don't let unfavorable weather or bothersome insects hinder your outdoor enjoyment. Elevate your patio experience with the remarkable Clear Vinyl Curtains, custom made to your specificaiton or choose from our advertised sizes. Crafted for enduring quality, these transparent curtains offer waterproof protection and UV resistance. Tailored to perfection, they serve as excellent solutions not only for your patio but also for your garage or personal workspace.

Tailored Precision: Shielding your patio comprehensively requires curtains that fit flawlessly, including the edges. Our solution lies in customized sizes that perfectly align with your needs. Simply input your desired measurements in the designated space. If sizing presents a challenge, our user-friendly 'how to measure' guide.

Weatherproof & Low UV-Resistance: From heavy rain to snowfall, these weatherproof curtains ensure optimal safeguarding of your patio and its contents. While impervious to the elements, they selectively permit beneficial sunlight to grace your plants, thanks to their minimal UV resistance.

Tarp Clear Fabric for Moderate Climates: Engineered from Tarp Clear fabric, a 48 PHR ultra-clear PVC with 20 mil thickness, these custom curtains offer clarity and convenience. Weighing 18 oz, the material is effortlessly manageable and storable. While ideal for moderate weather, exercise caution in extreme conditions.

Tear & Abrasion-Resistance: Guard against potential hazards like gardening equipment, pets, and windy conditions with our tear and abrasion-resistant fabric. The added durability ensures longevity and robustness.

Effortless Installation of Your Custom Clear Vinyl Curtains featuring Brass Grommets

Swift Setup with Brass Grommets: Simplify your installation process by selecting curtains with brass grommets along the top width or vertical heights, or both. Save time and effort while achieving a hassle-free setup. For enhanced closure, consider adding Velcro to the sides.

Expanded Choices: Customize further with extra grommets, a 4'' pocket along the width, or a weighted chain sewn at the bottom. While these enhancements carry a nominal cost, they promise unwavering protection, even during turbulent weather.

Warranty Coverage for Our Gazebo Clear Vinyl Curtains

Assured by Warranty: Trust is paramount, and our one-year warranty underscores the resilience of our clear curtains. Embrace uninterrupted outdoor bliss, whether in a gazebo, patio, or any open space.

Versatile Adaptability: Suitable for patios, gazebos, and various outdoor setups, these clear curtains cater to all environments. Ordering is a breeze through the Covers & All website. Experience the convenience today and secure your Clear Vinyl Curtains effortlessly.

Explore our outdoor vinyl curtains for added privacy and protection as well.