International Customers

International Customers

Yes, we can ship our shade sails worldwide.

We have our shipping calculator now set up for New ZealandUnited Kingdom, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Denmark & Switzerland, Brazil, Israel, Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Thailand, India just to name a few..

Once you have selected your shade sail please continue through to checkout where you can view the postage costs before committing to buy.

Important: Please check online for all customs and duties charges applicable to your country, as we don't cover any duty payable. This is solely the buyer's responsibility. We are also unable to advise you on the costs which may be attracted due to the varying import tax and customs laws across the world.


Postage Costs and Procedures

Our postage costs at check out are based on shipping one or multiple items as one parcel. If you require multiple items sent in individual parcels to reduce or avoid customs duty and taxes additional charges will apply per additional parcel as shipping internationally is charged per kilo and one flat rate per parcel sent. This flat rate changes depending on which zone you fall into around the world.  Please contact us for a revised postage quote if this is the case and we'll do our very best to get you the best postage rates. We declare clearly the purchase price on the customs paperwork and a copy of your tax invoice has to be included on your package otherwise it holds up customs clearance and leads to further delays in delivery of your item.

We have heard that some places around the world tell the customer that incorrect or insufficient postage has been paid on the parcel and that is why you have to pay additional costs before you can have your parcel. This is completely incorrect. Rest assured that no packages can leave us here without correct postage being paid. If you are being asked to pay additional costs, these are duty and customs charges. 

The Outdoor Shop Australia P/L quotes you the actual cost of postage as quoted by our chosen carrier Express Couriers International. NO profit comes from postage paid.

The Outdoor Shop Australia P/L must declare clearly and accurately all items within each parcel sent and will always declare that the goods are a purchase. We are unable to send items and declare them as 'gifts' or anything other than a purchase.

Please check out the link below to work out duty payable on international purchases in your country.


International Shipping Carrier

All international purchases are shipped with Express Courier International which is a branch of Australia Post and is fast, safe and secure offering signature on delivery and tracking online. Please see below for estimated delivery times Once the item reaches its destination country the parcel then gets picked up by the local parcel carrier in that country and completes the delivery. Examples -  Parcel Force in the United Kingdom, Chrono Post in Germany and some places are covered by DHL on arrival.  We find any hold-ups in delivery times are due to customs clearance once it arrives at the destination country. If you find your tracking stops and is held up 'awaiting clearance' this means duty is most likely payable and customs officers will be getting in contact with you regarding this. We have no control over these delays and urge you to look into customs procedures in your area. 

Tracking Your Order

It is important that you keep an eye on your tracking to ensure you are aware once the item arrives in your destination country and also if it is being held up in customs. We have found in the past people have not been aware of such hold-ups and have not contacted us in a timely manner and the item is then returned to us. Express Courier international is a speedy service and you should contact us immediately if you have not received any tracking information on the day of dispatch. Please ensure you check your 'junk' folders in your emails in case our emails are going there by accident. If you require assistance tracking your order please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. What we cannot do is track your order for its entirety and alert you when or if the item is being held by customs etc. Customs should get in touch with you via mail, however, we have experienced instances when customers feel they have not been contacted and again the item is returned to us as the customer had not checked on the tracking or contacting us within a reasonable period of time. No item sent internationally using this service should take longer than 1 week to arrive anywhere. So we urge you to please stay on top of the tracking so we are able to assist if there are any issues.

Items Returned To Sender

If your item is left unclaimed or customs duty left unpaid and the items are returned back to us in Australia a fee of $38.50 AUD will be charged to you as this is the amount we are charged by the carrier. If you would like the item to resent out to you, original postage fees will again apply to ship to you. Should you decide to cancel the order and opt for a refund, please be aware that your refund will be less the original cost of shipping (already paid to the third party) and the 'returned to sender fee' (charged to us by the third party). This may mean that you actually owe us money and this is why it's crucial you keep on top of the tracking and ensure you know where your parcel is at.



Please be aware that The Outdoor Shop Australia P/L does not take responsibility for any duty which may need to be paid in some regions of the world. This is solely the responsibility of the buyer. We urge you to look into customs and duty charges in your area as some places seem to charge very large amounts or in some cases, we have been advised the process is the quite corrupt meaning you will pay almost double the purchase price again once it arrives. 


Due to the high cost of international shipping, The Outdoor Shop Australia P/L is unable to accept returns from our international customers. If an incorrect size, shape or colour is purchased we recommend on selling the item yourself, this will prove to be more cost-effective for you. 

Please note - Warranties are unavailable on products sold internationally. Product warranties are only valid within Australia and New Zealand.


PLEASE NOTE: Items will be opened and inspected before dispatch to ensure your shade sail is 100% on arrival.

Estimated time of deliveries.

Brazil 4-5 working days

Denmark 3-4 working days

Dubai 3-4 working days

Egypt 4-5 working days

Fiji 2-3 working days

France - 3-4 working days

Germany 3-4 working days

Israel  3-5 working days

Japan 3-4 working days

New Zealand  2-3 working days

Norway 3-4 working days

Thailand 3-4 working days

United Kingdom 3-4 working days

USA 4-5 working days



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Norway Tracking -

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