Custom Made Sails

The Best Shade Sails Custom Made in Australia!

The Best Shade Sails Custom Made in Australia!

Please save you document as a pdf before sending to us. If your prefer email us you diagram or measurments.

Please note to make your shade sail all measurement from fixing point to fixing point are needed and all cross measurements. 

Email quote to 

We can quote for New or Replacements shade sails just send us your measurements.

To make a custom made shade sail we need the below forms filled out but if you would like to message us with some details we can still quote you.

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Looking for a custom made shade sail? 

We can quote for New or Replacements shade sails just send us your measurements. You can fill out the above form or email us your measurements. 

 All our custom made shade sails are Made in Australia with quality workmanship and quality materials. We are committed to providing you with your custom shade sail as soon as possible, however It can take between 10-14 business days to manufacture plus delivery of your shade.

Custom made Shade Sails start at $290.00 

Does my shade sail need curvature? Yes it does with out it  your shade sail will not be able to tension. Shade sails standard curvature is 6-8%

Webbing or Cable - We can manufacture both. Most of our shade sails are made with webbing, the webbing when installed is on the underside of the shade sail.

Examples of Shade Sails