Wire Balustrades

Wire Balustrades kits

How do I get started?

Factory Hydraulic Swagging - Pre manufactured swaged wires. You supply the exact measurements and we do the rest. 

Hand Swaging DIY systems - Hand swagging tool is required for these systems

Helpful information

Maximum Run Length - Indicated with the product description is the recommeded wire run length for each system. Longer runs may be achievable using a tension system both ends and depending on situation of use. 

Timber Post - Balustrade Systems

Timber Post - Balustrade Systems

Timber Balustrade systems DIY or in house swaged. Best range and pricing on our Economy Budget range or Electropolished finished 

Metal posts

Metal Balustrade systems DIY or in house swaged. Best range and pricing on our Economy Budget range or Electropolished finished