Bell Tents

Bell & Emperor Tent


Got to Love this style of tent, if you are Glamping it up away or at home entertaining for parties, weddings or sleep over in your back yard.

So many ways to add your personal touch from things you already have or explore the endless possibilities to design your own oasis.



The Bell Tents can be set up a shelter with or without the floor zipped on, or on a hot summers night roll up the sides and you will have 360 degrees of insect netting protecting you. 

Professionally designed, manufactured and sewn by a team of experienced seamsters who take care to sew our Bell Tents with the utmost attention to detail. 

Know where you Bell Tent is made - There are now many Bell tells on the market from many different manufacturers who guarantee this and that but only really want to sell there product at the cheapest price with quick turn over. Most important to us is the quality control of the manufacturing and sourcing the raw products and offer you peace of mind and ensure the end product matches our expectations of The Best you can get from the thread to the poles. The cheap thread can break down, cheap poles can bend, untested materials can cause problems with waterproofing.