Shade Sail with Rope Track

Shade Sail with Rope Track


Shade sails are made with curvature to enable the shade sail to tension, there is an option to make one side of the shade sail with a rope track.

If you check out our customer photos below, you will see that these shade sail installations look great and provide extra coverage along a flat area.



Installation instructions for a rope track shade sail

Allow 100mm to slide your shade sail into the rope track - can be done from one side. 

Allow 10mm from the rope track to a fixing tie-off point. 

Measurements needed rope track length and fixing point to fixing point.

Shady Lady Tip - If your studs are not in the correct place or you need extra support, secure a piece of timber to your desired area and attached the rope to the timber.


Where can I get the rope track from?

We have stock at our warehouse on The Central Coast of NSW of the double flange and single flange rope track in 6.5metre lengths. 

Due to a limitation on shipping lengths, please note we can only ship this in one-metre lengths.

To source rope track locally, you can try your local hardware or sometimes caravan repair shops or check with local steel merchants.















On each side of the custom-made shade sail there will be a tab sewn, please refer to the picture above.

This allows you to tension the shade sail along the shade sail rope track side of the shade sail, and it can be secured in place with a bow or dee shackle to a wall plate. 




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Rope Track - Black Double Flange - priced per metre 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTDFBLACK

$10.00 / m

Rope Track - White Double Flange - priced per metre 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTDFWHITE

$10.00 / m

Rope Track - Mill Double Flange - priced per metre 90°

Product no.: ODS-RTDFMILL

$10.00 / m