Sun Blinds

Sun Blinds Privacy Screens

Visiontex Blinds Fabric - Plus & Ultra

Visiontex Blinds Fabric - Plus & Ultra

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Vistaweave Blinds - Vistaweave 95 & Vistaweave 99

Vistaweave Blinds - Vistaweave 95 & Vistaweave 99

Patio Sun Blinds, Outdoor Blinds Custom made Free Delivery Vistaweave 95 and 99 Australian Made Free Delivery






DIY Made in Australia, Delivered Australia wide, Custom made outdoor blinds for patios, pergolas, window.

Obligation-free quotes,  just send us your measurements including the width and the height.

Our Blinds can be manufacture with a bottom flap (picture of black blinds) or without bottom flap (picture of caramel blind).

Hooding at the top of the blind is optional. 

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Materials - Visionweave 95 & 99, Visiontex Plus & Ultra


What is the difference between Tear Strength and Tensile Strength???

Tear Strength - is the measure of how much Tensile stress the material can withstand in a specific case ie: when a tear has been introduced in the material, whereas normal Tensile stress test is done for a non-defective piece of material


What is the difference between Warp and Weft???
WARP - is a series of threads that run from the front to the back.
WEFT - is a series of threads that run in a pattern through the Warp. 
The weft is the yarn that runs back and forth whereas a warp is that which runs up & down


 ISO 9001 Quality Control (International Organization of Standards)

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems(International Organization of Standards)

Ecospecifier - assessed, analyzed & verified product, healthy product in accordance with Ecospecifier verified Product Program Standard (PPS). 

Green Guard - certified for low chemical emissions

Okeo-Tex - safeguarding health with compliance beyond existing legal regulations as the goal, Okeo-Tex is independent confirmation that NO harmful substances like Lead, Mercury, and Chromium are present in the textile production chain.