Green Wall Systems - Professional

Green Wall Systems - Professional

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New Greenline Post for 2mm - 5mm wire

Product no.: GREENLINE1


New Net Clip to suit 3.2mm wire/cable for Green Wall Projects

Product no.: NET CLIP 3.2mm


M8 70mm OAL Dual Thread Coach Screw 304 Stainless Steel

Product no.: ODS-081036


Wire per metre length - 3.2mm 7/19 316 Stainless Steel wire Korean Made

Product no.: ODS-7/193.2mm


Wire only - per metre length - 5mm 7/19 Stainless Steel wire Korean Made

Product no.: ODS-7/195mm


Green Wall Systems - Professional




DIY commercial Grade Green Wall Trellis Systems for the garden in vertical, criss cross, zig zag or horizontal designs.

Using the Stainless Steel Green line post with net clips to create any design imaginable.








Greenline posts 316 Stainless steel provide a secure, strong structure for Green Wall.

The Anchor points have an internal locking system holding plants up to 250kgs, allowing for high scale designs the Greenline post systems is suitable for cable wire ranging from 3.2mm to 5mm, 3.2mm is suitable for general applications but we also sell 4mm & 5mm.






Net clips To create a stunning and professional criss-cross and/or zigzag pattern Net Clips are recommended.