Galvanised Wall Plates

Galvanised Wall Plates

We don't sell poor quality fittings as we are a shade sail specialists in pre made and custom made shade sails, we only supply customers with  accessories that are a superior quality than the cheaper ones that are  currently sold on eBay. Why? Our Stainless Steel Accessories need to meet Australian standards and are consistently tested to ensure they are able to with stand breaking loads and are made with the correct components which gives them a sturdy construction, precision manufactured threads and overall a higher quality finish including electropolishing for an  enhanced surface finish.
The Shade Sail Shop specialises in Pre-Made and Custom Made shade sails and quality installation accessories and we ship to our customers world wide.
All our stainless steel products come from a reputable, experienced and trusted supplier with more than 30 years experience in the stainless steel manufacturing industry. Our manufacturers adhere to strict quality control procedures to ensure we are able to  bring you a consistently high quality product. Unlike other suppliers we can provide you with higher working loads, more  precisely manufactured threads, dependability and  exceptional  functionality. 

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Wall Plate 100mm x 100mm Diagonal Galvanised

Product no.: ODS-100DGAL


Wall Plate 100mm x 100mm Horizontal Galvanised

Product no.: ODS-100H


Wall Plate 150mm x 150mm Horizontal Galvanised

Product no.: ODS-150H


Wall Plate 150mm x 150mm Diagonal Galvanised

Product no.: ODS-150D