Vistaweave Blinds - Vistaweave 95 & Vistaweave 99

Vistaweave Blinds - Vistaweave 95 & Vistaweave 99


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Vistaweave 95 & Vistaweave 99


The Vistaweave mesh is available in two qualities. Vistaweave 95 is the most commonly used and provides an ideal balance between UV protection and visual aspect. Whether you want a splash of colour for a contrasting look or a perfect colour coded to match, the Vistaweave 95 is the perfect solution. 


If you're looking for increased privacy and protection Vistaweave 99 is the answer. The unique weave combines functional solutions for solar protection with a modern stylish textured appearance. The Vistaweave 99 collection is a versatile range specifically designed for outdoor blinds and awnings.

Both the Vistaweave 99 / 95 colour range is inspired by Colorbond. Therefore the palette coordinates with ANY exterior to create a seamless finish. 


Colour Disclaimer

Due to the limitations of desktop scanners & the relative inconsistencies of display monitors, the colours you see may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product. We strive to make our colours as accurate as possible, however, screen images are intended as a guide only. After you have confirmed your quote price we are HAPPY to provide Vistaweave Mesh samples upon request for you to choose from.



What is the difference between Tear Strength and Tensile Strength?

Tear Strength - is the measure of how much Tensile stress the material can withstand in a specific case ie: when a tear has been introduced in the material, whereas normal Tensile stress test is done for a non-defective piece of material


What is the difference between Warp and Weft?
WARP - is a series of thread that runs from the front to the back.
WEFT - is a series of thread that runs in a pattern through the Warp. 
The weft is the yarn that runs back and forth whereas a warp is that which runs up & down


ISO 9001 Quality Control (International Organization of Standards)

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems(International Organization of Standards)

Ecospecifier - assessed, analysed & verified product, healthy product in accordance with Ecospecifier verified Product Program Standard (PPS). 

Green Guard - certified for low chemical emissions

Okeo-Tex - safeguarding health with compliance beyond existing legal regulations as the goal, Okeo-Tex is independent confirmation that NO harmful substances like Lead, Mercury and Chromium are present in the textile production chain.


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