Mirror Polish Finish Post Round & Square

Mirror Polish Finish Post Round & Square

Balustrade Posts

ProRail posts are a full range of balustrade posts suitable for use with ProRig Wire Balustrade Systems, ProRail Handrail Fittings, and ProRail Glass Clamps  The premium range of ProRail round posts, Square posts, RHS, and flat bar posts. come expertly finished in either a satin grain or mirror polish finish with seamlessly welded top saddle, and ProRail heavy duty base plate. Quick and simple interchangeable top saddles make these posts easily adaptable to suit most situations. 

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Mirror Polish - is also another type of machine polishing that gives stainless steel a very shiny reflective appearance. This type of finish is supplied in a minimum of 840 grit and is often chosen for its durability, and overall aesthetically appealing appearance. Mirror polish offers high corrosion resistance than the satin finish products making a better choice in high corrosion and coastal areas. Mirror Polish can be easily scratched making it more difficult to transport and install without damaging. (Please note items are packaged well to avoid scratching when posted)

Tip: 3mm wall thickness tube is ideal for use with the corner and end posts when using stainless steel wires. Posts will a 3mm thickness, while supported by a handrail, can withstand much greater tensions, up to around 3000N Per wire.

Tip: Ultraloc retaining compound is recommended to glue into fittings.






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Round 2" 1.6mm Mirror polish End / Intermediate (for Angled / Stair sections)

Product no.: ODS-P5200-501.6SMP

$158.00 / unit(s)

Round 2" 1.6mm Mirror Finish Intermediate / Corner (for flat sections) ProRail AISI 316

Product no.: ODS-P5200-501.6SMF

$181.00 / unit(s)