Dyneema UV Rope

Dyneema Rope, UV World Strongest

Dyneema Rope, UV World Strongest

Dyneema is the world strongest fiber and is 15 times stronger than steel. The rope is the choice for every serious sailor worldwide because it has very little stretch, it’s lightweight, easy splicable and is UV-resistant. This is what makes it very viable for shade-sail installations.

This Dyneema is manufactured with the highest quality urethane coating giving it much better abrasion resistance than many other UHMWPE ropes on the market. We source our rope internationally to ensure you have access to the strongest and best product available. At The Outdoor Shop Australia, we do not compromise on quality.

Dyneema is a very high strength, low stretch rope. It floats on water and is a much safer option than steel cable. The rope is made up of fibres that are resistant to tension and bending fatigue, and it is also equipped with UV stability. It is at least ten times stronger than a steel cable and is perfect for shade sail installations using the Rope Method. Dyneema rope is compact and much lighter than the alternatives with similar strength and capabilities. 


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Product no.: DYNAONE6MM

Dyneema rope is the world strongest fiber - 15x stronger than steel.

Shade sail installation with Dyneema rope is cost effective and easy.

$7.95 / m